How to choose animal feed machinery

At present, there are more and more professional animal farmers, and the breeding scope is gradually expanding. Everyone will find that animal feed pellet is generally more expensive and the quality is uneven. If the feed you buy is not good, it will also affect the growth of the entire group of animal, which in turn affects the interests of professional farmers. So some professional animal households started to make their own feeds, but the question came again. Which animal feed pellet machine is better? How to choose?

Flat Die Pellet Mill For Sale

Large proportion of grass powder in feed ingredients, small output, it is generally recommended to use flat die pellet machine. If the output is large, you can use ring die pellet machine to strengthen the feeder. Because the grass powder content is too much, the overall material weight is lighter, and the feeding angle of the ring die pellet machine is smaller, which will affect the feeding speed. Adding a forced feeder to push the feed will have a much better effect. In addition, the ring die pellet machine contains a scraper device. This device effectively prevents the machine from being blocked due to too much material. The flat die granulator is more suitable for small output granulation, it is more convenient to operate, and the inlet is relatively large.

Ring Die Pellet Mill For Sale

When making concentrated feed or grass powder is relatively small. For example, when making pig feed, chicken feed or full-price feed, ring die feed pellet machines are generally used. Of course, if the output is small, you can use a flat die pellet machine. Because the tightness of the ring die pellet machine is better than that of the flat die pellet machine, a large amount of dust will not be generated during the granulation process. Moreover, the maturity of the ring die pellet machine will be higher than that of the flat die pellet machine, and the gloss will be better.

What is the difference between ring die and flat die pellet mill?

  1. Feeding mode: The ring die granulator adopts mechanical forced feeding, high-speed rotary centrifugal distribution enters the granulating chamber, and the material is distributed by a scraper, and the feeding is uneven; the flat die granulator is vertically fed by the weight of the material itself Pressing chamber for even feeding.
  2. Pressure: In a mold with the same diameter, the size of the ring die pressing wheel is limited by the ring die die diameter, so the pressure is limited; the flat die pressing wheel diameter is not limited by the die diameter, and the internal bearing can be increased Space, the use of large bearings to enhance the bearing capacity of the pressure roller, not only improves the pressure of the pressure roller, but also extends the service life.
  3. Discharging method: ring die belongs to high speed, and the damage rate is high when the material is discharged; while flat die belongs to low speed, the damage rate is low.
  4. The adjustment mode of the press wheel: If the ring die granulator uses two screws on the eccentric wheel in the middle of the press wheel to adjust the pressure; Smooth, gentle touch and even pressure. There are two methods of manual rotation and automatic hydraulic adjustment.

Ring die and flat die?

In fact, the main reason for choosing to use ring die pellet machine and flat die pellet machine is based on the output. If it is family farming and the production requires self-sufficiency, then the flat die pellet machine can be satisfied, and the flat die pellet machine is cheaper than the ring die pellet machine. If it is a feed processing plant or a large or medium-sized farm, it is still recommended to use ring mold feed pellet machines with high output and low pollution. The produced feed can be used by itself or packaged for sale. One machine is multi-purpose, one-time investment, fast return!