Single Shaft Ribbon Feed Mixer

SHW Ribbon Mixer is mainly used to coating, dry powder and chemical industry Used to mix various dry powder material metered in proportion. Also can be used to mixing feed and cooperate with other feed processing equipment in medium and small sized farm.

Product Features

Applicable to the feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries in powder, granule, flake and miscellaneous materials mixing; Horizontal, batch type mixer, each batch mixing time is 2-4 minutes, especially for adding liquid mixing; equip the grease adding pipe, overall structure is reasonable, the convenient operation and maintenance; with creative generation ribbon blade rotor structure, cv≤7% , Shaft head and end and discharging door adopt unique mature sealing technology, ensure no leakage. And the standard chinese standard motor, domestic gear speed reducer, reducer motor belt drive.

Advantages of SHW Single Shaft Ribbon Mixer

  1. With simple and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable, high mixing evenness, short mixing time, little residuals;
  2. Can be used as the compound feed unit for medium and small sized farm;
  3. Applicable to coating, try powder, chemical industry, used to mix various dry powders metered in proportion.

Technical Parameter

Model SHW0.5 SHW1.0 SHW2.0  SHW4.0 
Power(kw) 4 7.5 15 30
Yield(kg/p) 250 500 1000 2000