Which equipment need for chicken farming

There are many types of poultry equipment that can make poultry breeding more successful. People in different countries are inspired by poultry farming every day because it is a good way to make money. Poultry farming is a good solution due to the rapid growth of the population and the increasing demand for animal protein. For the successful production of poultry, proper management, care and adequate equipment must be in place. Some brief introductions to poultry equipment are provided below.


Poultry housing is not entirely any equipment, but they are necessary for poultry production. There are many ways to make chicken cages. It can be a concrete house or a simple house. Whether the house is concrete or simple, it must have the necessary benefits for poultry. Poultry cages must have well-ventilated and daylight-managed facilities. The distance of 10-15 feet from one house to another is better.


An incubator is a poultry device used to hatch eggs in an unnatural manner. Chickens usually hatch eggs under natural conditions, but they can maintain and hatch a limited number of eggs. Therefore, when a large number of eggs need to be hatched, producers must use incubators. There are many types of incubators. Diesel and electric incubators are the most popular and widely used.

Chicken feeder

Chickens are omnivorous animals, and well-designed feeders prevent food from dispersing around to become acidic and attract pests.

With a wide variety of cylinder feeders, choose a hopper with a divider to minimize waste. Leak-proof “hats” are essential to prevent feed from being damaged by rain. Raising the feeder helps keep food free of debris. Some legs have legs or can be hung up – otherwise, you can buy a leg rack or use a few bricks.


A suitable water drinker makes it easier to ensure that your chicken always has the essential clean water.

Choose an easy-to-fill water drinker, especially if you plan to raise a few chickens. In most tower water drinkers, fill the middle upside down, reinstall the base, and then stand upright again. This can be tricky for large water drinkers, but some types can be filled from the top.

Better water drinker design with locking base – cheaper plastic models often have push-in bases. Not only are these debris dirty, but they can easily be clogged, leading to thirsty chickens.

Like a water drinker, the water drinker should be placed above the ground. Place it in direct sunlight to prevent toxic algae from accumulating and keeping water cool.

Feed storage bins

Dry, rodent-proof containers keep food in good condition and help avoid unnecessary visitors. A galvanized storage box is ideal, but a metal trash can with a tight lying lid works. Plastic trash cans are cheaper, although occasionally rats are found to bite them. The spare container can be used to store the remaining feed overnight. Always remove the feeder at night – there is no need to leave food and water in the coop, as the chicken does not eat or drink while perched. Feed shovels (or old cups) are useful for transferring food from bags to feeders.


Heat management is essential for poultry farming. A bulb, heater or other heating device can be used to heat the chicken cage.


Fences must be placed for free-range poultry farming systems. Because it protects poultry from all kinds of predators. Almost all producers use barbed wire for fence purposes.


Clean, clean, dry floors keep poultry healthy. Therefore, always try to use the appropriate floor. For indoor farming methods, use barbed wire on the floor.

Coops and Cages

There are many companies that produce ready-made chicken coops or cages for poultry. This type of chicken coop and cage is ideal for small poultry rearing.

Sunwit is a professional manufacturer of the feed making machine. This feed manufacturing equipment is widely used for making fish feed, cattle feed and chicken feed. Actually, it has a much wider application field such as making feed for cattle, chicken, pig, duck and many other livestock.