How to start goat farming business in Turkey?

tips for raising goats

Sheep and goats play an important role in the Turkish economy and the nutrition of the people. They convert originally inedible vegetation on barren pastures into meat, milk, fiber and animal skins.

The southeastern and central regions of Turkey are very arid or semi-arid; The vast natural pastures and grasslands in these areas are more suitable for raising sheep and goats than for producing crops and dairy cows. Sheep and goats are the main source of life for rural residents in these areas. They meet people’s direct nutritional needs, and through the carpet industry, they provide jobs for many artisan families. Even in western regions where agriculture is increasingly intensive and more productive, sheep production is still a profitable business for sheep farmers and farm operators, and is often incorporated into mixed farming systems.

Today, goat farming is a growing business because of the huge demand for its delicious lamb, and the price fluctuations per kilogram of goat meat are relatively small.

Tips to Raise Goats & make Maximum Profit:

  • Read and properly study on how to raise goats.
  • Choose the right high-yielding goat breed for your business.
  • Learn more about the goat breeding business from the nearest livestock training center or professional producer.
  • Goats like to live in groups. Therefore, ensure a large area so that they can roam freely.
  • Know which equipment is essential for goat farms.
  • Ensure good feeding practices to produce better milk, meat and keep goats away from disease.
  • According to their daily needs, give them enough clean water, food and fresh grass.
  • Never feed goats contaminated food or water.
  • Take special care of pregnant goats, breeding males and cubs.
  • Feed male goats some nutritious food during mating.
  • To improve the health of your goat, visit a vet regularly.

What Other Byproducts Do I Gain from Goat Farming?

Interestingly, the amazing fact of raising goats is that goats are multifunctional animals. Not only can you sell goats as meat, but you can also obtain some by-products from goats such as milk, fiber, skin, and feces, which will allow you to gain income.

Goat milk: It is said that goat milk has low cholesterol and is not allergenic compared to milk. It is said that the nutrients in goat milk help to increase appetite and digestive efficiency. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties and can be used to treat diseases of the urogenital system caused by fungi. In addition to goat milk, other dairy products include yogurt, cheese and butter.

Fibers: Some varieties of goats, such as cashmere and Angola, can produce high-quality fibers. These can also be sold for maximum profit.

Hides and skin: Each kind of goat can produce leather and hides, which can be used to produce leather products.

Manure: Most farmers like and prefer to use organic fertilizer instead of artificial fertilizer to grow their crops. Goat manure is a high organic fertilizer (fertilizer) used for the rapid growth of crops. As a goat raiser, you can get a good income from it.

Advantages of Goat Farming:

Since goat farming plays an important role in economic growth and meeting the nutritional needs of the country, it has some other benefits that you should know.

  • Compared with other livestock farming, goat farming does not require a lot of investment.
  • Usually, they also breed very quickly, which helps you stop buying goats in the future.
  • The most beneficial part of goat farming is that it eats almost everything. All kinds of grass, including weeds.
  • Goats also help us consume natural weeds and produce natural fertilizers. Used in organic agriculture, by selling this fertilizer, you can also get additional income.
  • As goats are low maintenance animals, you only need to spend less energy than other animals.

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