Animal Feed Making Machine

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2-5t/h Animal Feed Pellet Making Line for Sale

Animal feed production process

Animal feed production machine can process various raw materials, can be used in feed production for rabbit, duck, cattle, chicken, sheep, pig and other animal. The whole production line consists of a hammer mill, mixer, pellet machine, cooler, crumbler and classifying screen.

Material receiving system
Easy to operate, each air inlet has a pulse type dust collector to keep the environment clean and protect workers’ health.

Crushing system
The pre-cleaner cleans the material, and after the magnetic separator, storage box and feeder, the material goes into the crusher to become powder.

Mixing system
After grinding, the original powder and some pre-mixture are weighed in proportion and then mixed in a mixer to achieve even mixing.

Pelleting and cooling system
After curing the material with high temperature steam, the material will be made into pellets through the feed pellet machine, and then the pellets will be cooled through the cooler.

Packaging system
The finished product contains normal size, smaller size and larger size pellets. By using a grading sieve, we can get pellets of normal size.

Characteristics of animal feed production line

  1. Customizable design for the whole plant. For different materials, depending on your specific needs or budget, we can add or remove some machines.
  2. Wide capacity range. Its processing power ranges from 1t/h to 20t/h. If you have more production needs, we can also customize for you.
  3. PLC control. All these processes can be controlled and monitored by computer control systems.
  4. High quality final product. The final pellets are smooth and free of harmful organisms, thus improving the growth performance of the animal.
  5. Strong technical support. Sunwit Industry has its own factory which can design and manufacture equipment for the project. We will send engineers to the user’s local area for installation, commissioning and trial operation and training to ensure the good operation of the animal feed production line.
Loading of 1-2T/H Animal Feed Making Machine

The finished feed pellets

The finished feed pellets have smooth surface and are easy for animals to digest. Therefore, feed pellet machine is widely used by livestock farms, poultry farms, feed processing industry and aquaculture industry. The final product is a feed pellet with high palatability, digestibility and nutrition that can be packaged. Pellet feed customization is also possible. Because animal feed contains a large amount of fiber, it is recommended to tone the pellets by providing either direct or indirect moisture to soften them.

Manufacturer of animal feed making machine

As a professional feed processing equipment manufacturer, Sunwit Industry provides one-stop feed production solutions from project design, process, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. We study every detail of the pelleting solution to ensure you get the best feed processing equipment, the best service and best plan.

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