Feed Pellet Crumbler

SSLG serious crumbler is widely used for breaking poultry and aquatic pellet. It breaks the big pellet produced by pellet mill and cooler to required small pellet size. Instead of using small hole ring die which will reduce the capacity.

Structure of SSLG Triple-Roller Crumbler

Feed pellet crumbler is equipped with a gap adjustment device between rolls to get the required particle size of feed. One roll is fixed and is driving one while the other is moveable for gap adjustment.

The rotary feeder will help full width & uniform feeding to crumble rolls for optimum crumbling performance with minimum fines. Every Crumbler is fitted with a by-pass mechanism to opt for passing through with or without crumbling. Pellet crusher is fitted with SKF International brand bearings for prolonged life and adjusting roll is spring loaded for protection from the foreign objects.

The Crumbler Performance Advantage

  1. Widely used in poultry and livestock pellet feed processing´╝îcrushing of aquatic pellet feed;
  2. Protection device protects the roll from damage when it runs into hard objects;
  3. 3Unique feeding hopper and by-pass device can meet clients’ different demands of pellet size: by feeding hopper and bypass device, you can not only choose to crumble big pellets into smaller ones but also choose to not crush pellets and let them go out directly to the by-pass device;
  4. Placed down below the counter flow cooler machine, two machines working together, shorten the process flow, reduce the floor space;
  5. Feed pellet breaker adopts asymmetric roll theory and has roller backup;
  6. V-shape belt driving is adopted. It is stable, low noise, reliable and high efficiency.

Technical Parameter

Model Power(KW) Capacity(t/h)
SSLG22*40 3 1-2.5
SSLG15*60 4 2-4
SSLG15*80 4 3-5
SSLG15*100 5.5 4-6
SSLG15*150 7.5 5-8
SSLG20*170 11 10-18