Feed Hammer Mill

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SFSP Feed Hammer Mill

SFSP Feed Hammer Mill widely used in large and medium-sized feed factories to produce high-grade poultry feed, aquatic feed and to crush particles. And it is mainly used to crushing all kinds of grains, such as wheat, corn, etc., into powders, and then make into feed pellets. Stable performance, widely used in large and medium-sized feed, food processing enterprises of raw materials crushed.

Main Features of Hammer Mill

  1. Special water-drop design, compact structure and beautiful appearance.
  2. Advanced twice strike technology of the pulverizing chamber, good rigidity pedestal and small vibration.
  3. New type feed hammer mill has automatic feeding device and it also can adjust the quantity of feeding automatically.
  4. The water drop grinding chamber can avoid circulation and working efficiency is highly improved compared to other hammer mills.
  5. A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose, flexible push and pull door design is convenient to operate and maintain.
  6. International advanced energy conservation equipment, high capacity, low consumption and stable performance.
  7. Wide application range. Widely used for coarse grinding of raw materials in large and medium-sized poultry feed and food processing factories

Raw Materials Application

This type feed hammer mill is the an ideal crushing equipment to crush the corn, grain , sorghum wheat, maize , soybeans, legumes into small powder for making animal feed pellets.

Finished Product

We can adjust the hammer mill sieve size to crushing large or small materials, the smallest size of finished product can be 0.8mm.

Specifications of SFSP Feed Hammer Mill

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
SFSP56*30 22 3.0
30 4.5
SFSP56*40 37 5.5
45 6.7
SFSP56*60 55 8.0
75 11
SFSP56*80 90 12
110 15
SFSP65*45 45 7
55 9
SFSP65*60 55 9
75 12
SFSP65*75 90 15
110 20
SFSP65*80 110 20
132 25