Is Poultry Farming a Profitable Business?

Why Poultry Farming is Profitable?

  • Everything involved in poultry farming is very profitable, even poultry manure can make money for you.
  • More people are choosing white meat over red meat, making demand for poultry products a business choice for many.
  • There is a market for these products because everyone, young and old, rich and poor, eats poultry products.
  • Quick return on investment. Investing in a newborn chick can be highly profitable in 45 days.
  • Initial capital expenditure. Initial capital is low compared to some other investments. You can start with chicks that are about 100 days old, and in less than two months you can sell adult chickens or eggs.

Machines for Making Poultry Feed

Sunwit Industry has been in the feed pellet mill industry for over 15 years and we have exported our poultry feed pellet mills and feed lines to many countries around the world. These machines are widely used in small and medium sized farms and feed mills.

We have many different capacity for poultry feed making production line:

  • Single small feed machine:150-500kg/h
  • Small capacity simple line: 600-800kg/h
  • Bigger capacity complete production line: 1-2T/H,3-5T/H,10T/H

How To Run Profitable Poultry Farm?

Poultry are a group of birds that are kept or hunted for useful purposes. Poultry is mainly used for food. Eggs are eaten in large quantities and are used in vaccines and cosmetics, while feathers can be used to make pillows and ornaments. Poultry farming is mainly used to produce eggs or meat.

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable farming businesses many people have and one of the riskiest you can think of. Why is that? Starting a poultry business is easy. You can start with two chickens and a rooster in your backyard for a small amount of money. For the same reason, many people rush into the industry unprepared. In this case, the result is obvious, quickly going in and then quickly failing. To avoid such situations and make money for profit, it is recommended that beginners receive training in poultry management.

The Most Important Cost in Poultry Farming

Land – as we have already mentioned, land prices vary from state to state and from neighboring large cities. All you need to do is search and negotiate to get low-cost breeding Land.

Construction – we mean build cages for poultry to live in. In addition, you should consider other buildings, such as a warehouse for all equipment and a farmhouse for workers.

Chicks – we’ve discussed how choosing chicks might bring economic benefits. Usually, one day-old chicks are very cheap.

Poultry Facilities – this also depends on the size of your farm and the nature of your business. If you want to incubate chicks and sell them, hatchery equipment are a good choice. Second, if you want to do meat processing related business, you need other special equipment.

Vaccination – since vaccinating poultry and ensuring their healthy growth will directly affect your profits, it is necessary to spend some money on this.

Feeding – this is probably the most important expense, as the quantity and quality of feed will later affect their health and productivity. The diet of poultry varies with the life stage of the birds. Remember to provide them with high-quality feeds because it is unwise to save too much here. If you want to reduce your feed costs, try producing your own poultry feeds. This may not seem necessary at first, but producing your own feedswill save you more money in the long run.

Labor Costs – if your farm is commercial, you may find it difficult to do all the work on your own. At this point you may consider hiring more people to help you.
Other Expenses – there are always other expenses, such as advertising, insurance, electricity, safety and transportation, and sales. So make sure you include that in your budget.

How Much Does a Poultry Farm Make?

It depends on how much effort you put into the business and how profitable you want it to be. If you are a novice, it is recommended that you start with a small farm where the number of birds should not exceed 200-300. Raising poultry to produce eggs is the quickest and easiest way to start making money, especially if you consider focusing on non-GMO and organic farming.

Based on farmers and statistics in the field, you should expect a monthly net income of about $2,000 for 300 egg-laying chickens. This includes all the other costs you will face, such as buying chicks, organic feeds, chicken houses and regular checks at the vet for potential pests.

Broilers are also profitable because they only need about one and a half month to reach their ideal weight. Depending on local laws and permits, you can choose to butcher chickens by yourself and reduce the cost of further processing. Most farmers earn as much as $5 per pound of meat, while a whole bird earns about $20.