Buy chicken feed pellet machine

What is a chicken feed pellet machine, chicken feed pellets are cylindrical pellets processed from feed pellet machine by crushing materials such as corn, soybean meal, rice husks, and wheat bran. The equipment used to make pellets is called chicken feed pellet machine.

200-600KG/H Small Pellet Machine
0.5-3.5T/H Ring Die Pellet Mill

Advantages of chicken feed pellet machine

  • The gear box is made of high-quality gray cast iron material, with low noise and good shock absorption.
  • It adopts gear transmission, which is more efficient than belt transmission and worm gear transmission, and can avoid shortcomings such as belt slippage and short belt life in belt transmission.
  • The structural design of the traditional feed pellet machine has been changed. The shell has added reinforcement ribs and increased the thickness of the casting, thereby greatly strengthening the machine strength and preventing the shell of the feed pellet machine from breaking.
  • The die plate and pressure roller are made of high-quality alloy steel with a hardness of 55-60HRC.
  • The most suitable die hole structure for wood chip processing, the core technology obtained through a large number of experiments-the best die hole compression ratio.
  • Safe electrical control system, fully CE-compliant operating system, emergency stop button can quickly shut down the stopper in emergency situations.
  • Because of strict and standardized production and technical management, it ensures the consistency and interchangeability of all our machines and each part, and customers are more assured in choosing spare parts.
This is our chicken feed production project in Nigeria. This feed making line is designed for poultry farm to produce various feed pellets for domestic animals such as duck, chicken, broiler, hen, goose, pigeon, etc.

Features of chicken feed pellet machine

  • The feed pellet machine uses flat die pelletizing equipment. The machine consists of a power machine, a gear box, a drive shaft, a die plate, a pressure roller, a feeding hopper, a cutter, and a hopper. The flat molds equipped with our machine are processed according to the data obtained from a large number of experiments on different raw materials, and the effect on the general raw materials will be the best.
  • The feed pellet machine has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, high output, low power consumption, convenient use and reliable working performance.
  • The pressure rollers are evenly distributed, and the operation is stable. At the same time, the pressing area is increased, and the production efficiency is improved.
  • It adopts screw center pressure regulating structure, the mold gap varies from large to small, suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect.
  • The granulator is equipped with an observation door, which can be checked at any time to facilitate maintenance and repair.

The characteristics of the pellets produced by the feed pellet machine

  • The granules produced by our feed pellet machine have high hardness, smooth surface, and mature inside, which can improve the digestion and absorption of chicken. The process of granule formation can denature the trypsin resistance factor in grains and legumes and reduce the adverse effects on digestion. It can kill various parasites and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various diseases of the digestive system of biological machines. Compared with mixed powder feed, it can obtain higher economic benefits.
  • In addition, because of the hard texture of the produced feed pellets, the volume is reduced by several times after pressing, which is convenient for long-term storage and transportation.

Poultry Feed Pellet Making Process

Firstly, the feedstuff raw materials or feed ingredients such as soybean meal and maize will go through the crushing machine and be crushed into fine powder. Then, in the mixing equipment, the powder can be mixed with other materials such as vitamin, microelement, meal, bone, wheat bran etc. After mixing, they will become complete feed mesh. Then, the feed mesh will be sent to the feed pellet machine and be extruded into uniform pellets with desired diameter and length. After screening and cooling, the poultry feed pellets can be packed directly.

Chicken Feed Making Line in Nigeria

Over the years, with the encouragement of a number of government regulations and individuals, the potential for building animal feed and poultry feed processing plants in Nigeria has been growing. Price strategies, subsidies and production credits have been considered and accepted. Everyone wants to provide healthy, quality animal feed to their customers, thereby increasing revenue. The livestock sector has attracted many investors, which means local feed production is increasing. Currently, competition in the animal and poultry feed manufacturing industry is relatively weak because people are more interested in farming.