How To Start Feed Mill Business In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the feed mill business is very profitable. This is because demand has also increased due to the increase in animal farming, which can be traced back to the widespread consumption of animal products worldwide. When you put all this together, you will conclude that because of the population growth, it will continue to grow. Prior to this, there were only a few feed processing companies in Nigeria, you can easily mention their names. But as awareness and knowledge increased, small feed processing plants began to emerge.

Although all animal feed products are produced in Nigeria, due to rising production costs, prices continue to rise. This is why entrepreneurs should seize this open opportunity to invest in the feed mill business.

Other Benefits of Feed Production Business

  • An ever-present, ever-growing market.
  • Raw materials can be sourced locally and cheaply too.
  • The business is highly flexible; you can chose to start small-scale, medium scale, or large-scale production. Plus, you don’t need to own a livestock farm to start feed business.
  • If you do own a livestock farm, having your own feed production mill saves you a lot in cost and makes you good profits too when you sell to other farms.

What’s the Cost of Poultry Feed Making Line

Sunwit Industry has been in the feed pellet mill industry for over 15 years and we have exported our poultry feed pellet mills and feed lines to many countries around the world. These machines are widely used in small and medium sized farms and feed mills.

We have many different capacity for poultry feed making production line:
Small capacity simple line: 600-800kg/h capacity, about $7,000~$8,500/set;
Bigger capacity complete production line: 1-2T/H, $22,000~$28,000; 5T/H, $100,000~120,000

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Equipment for Feed Mill Production

  • Crushing Machine
  • Mixer
  • Pellet Machine
  • Crumbler
  • Cooling & Screening Machine
  • Weighing Packing Machine

Conduct Your Research and Feasibility Study

The first is to conduct investment research and feasibility analysis on poultry feed plants. You need to know whether the place where you intend to start a business is ideal and whether you have the opportunity to obtain a return on investment. In fact, your research and feasibility study will give you a clearer picture of the cost of starting your own poultry feed factory and how to obtain market resources.

Acquire Education and Training

Opening your own poultry feed processing plant requires that you receive some degree of poultry nutrition training and education. So be sure to search for institutions that offer any related courses so that you can participate. If you choose someone who is already running your own poultry feed factory for research, this will be of great help to you. You will gain more practical experience than gaining knowledge in the classroom, which will increase your likelihood of success in business.

Develop a Business Plan

You will not go anywhere without a business plan. There are two things that make the plan an essential part before you start. First, if you plan to get someone to finance your business, you must come up with a reliable business plan to convince the bank or other investors that this project has a bright future. Second, it helps to clearly understand your plans in various areas of the business. This way, you know where to start, what steps to take next, and which steps in the process need further improvement.

Raise Capital

The initial capital expenditure depends on the size of the business you want to operate. Obtain funds from bank savings, cooperative grants or bank loans. You should only accept loans with unit interest rates, and you can also work with others. The funds you raise will directly reflect the scale of your business. With it, you need to get a building, equip it with equipment and machinery, and buy the first batch of raw materials.

Acquire Needed Machines and Equipment

This is one of the most tedious parts of the whole process. We strongly recommend that you find a supplier who can provide a complete feed manufacturing system so that you can focus on the management part of the business. It may sound a little difficult to deal with at first, but once you have done all this, the reward is really worth it. With the correct guidance of experts, this process can be greatly simplified.

Package and Market Your Poultry Feed

What you need to do is to win your own existing market share in your area, and you have to come up with a perfect packaging concept for your poultry feed. Go to the livestock or poultry farms in your area and introduce them to your business. You can carry samples with you and let them taste on livestock. Lower the price of your feed to gain a buyer, and then increase the price to a level that is beneficial to you.