How to solve the problem of low output of feed pellet machine

How to solve the problem of low output of feed pellet machine? Many users and friends feel that the product of feed pellet machine equipment has become low after using the feed pellet machine for a long time. How to do it? Sunwit Industry will introduce it to you, so that you can better understand our feed pellet machine.

Reasons and solutions for low output of feed pellet machine:

First, the impact of feed raw materials on the output of feed pellet machine

We know that the feed pellet machine is a dry feed machine. If the moisture contained in the raw material is large, the pellets will not be formed. If the moisture is too small, it will be difficult to press them together to form pellets. In general, we require that during the pelleting process, the moisture of feed ingredients cannot exceed 12, if the material is too dry, you can use auxiliary equipment conditioner and so on.

Second, the blocking of the feed inlet and die hole of the feed pellet machine may cause the work efficiency of the feed pellet machine to decrease

If the feed pellet machine in your home also has a low output or does not discharge, you can check whether the feeding port and the screen of the feed pellet machine are blocked. In general, the feed port of the flat mold pellet machine It is vertical, so if it is clogged, it can be seen intuitively, but for the ring-shaped feed pellet machine, although it is equipped with a forced feeder, it may also cause feed clogging in a narrow conditioner. .

The same is true for die hole blockage. Once the mold holes are blocked, it is better to clean them slightly. If the blocked area is large, it is more troublesome. So we recommend that you use the oil pellets to pass through the feed pellet machine before using the pellets to ensure lubrication. Before, the feed pellet machine should also be passed through with oil to prevent blockage of the mold holes.

Third, too low voltage may also cause the output of feed pellet machine

The average farmer’s location is in a remote area with a certain distance from the village. The voltage used may be unstable, so if the above possibility is ruled out, it can be controlled at times other than the peak power period. Look at the effect of the pellets. If the feeding is slow and the pelleting speed is fast, you can adjust it appropriately, or call the manufacturer of the purchased pellet mill to answer the questions.

Fourth, the gap between the pressure roller and the ring die of the feed pellet machine is not suitable, which results in a lower output of the feed pellet machine

In feed machinery, some accessories will wear out after long-term past use. This is the case with hammer blades in feed mills, as well as the pressure rollers in feed pellet machines. In the long-term backlog of feed, it is inevitable Will be subject to wear and tear, at this time, it is necessary to check whether the inside of the ring die and the pressure roller have been worn, so as to determine the cause of the low output of the feed pellet machine.