Is deer farming profit?

Deer farming offers a great opportunity to earn a better life and create a good source of employment. Commercial deer farming could be one of them. Deer is a kind of wild animal. The number of wild deer is decreasing. Therefore, by raising deer commercially, we can earn a good source of income and at … Read more

How To Start Feed Mill Business In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the feed mill business is very profitable. This is because demand has also increased due to the increase in animal farming, which can be traced back to the widespread consumption of animal products worldwide. When you put all this together, you will conclude that because of the population growth, it will continue to … Read more

How to start goat farming business in Turkey?

tips for raising goats

Sheep and goats play an important role in the Turkish economy and the nutrition of the people. They convert originally inedible vegetation on barren pastures into meat, milk, fiber and animal skins. The southeastern and central regions of Turkey are very arid or semi-arid; The vast natural pastures and grasslands in these areas are more … Read more

Is chicken farming more profit than pig farming?

We cannot say which business is the best. Each business has its own advantages and disadvantages. Profit depends on the size of the farm, availability of raw materials, good water resources, cheap labor, and marketing. Poultry farming involves raising birds to obtain feathers, meat and eggs, while raising pigs only involves obtaining meat. If you … Read more

Is Poultry Farming a Profitable Business?

Why Poultry Farming is Profitable? Everything involved in poultry farming is very profitable, even poultry manure can make money for you. More people are choosing white meat over red meat, making demand for poultry products a business choice for many. There is a market for these products because everyone, young and old, rich and poor, … Read more

How to make feed pellets for animals

Pellet feed is a form of feed that most breeders attach importance to and uses, which has the advantages of transportation and carrying convenience, long preservation time, high nutritional value, good palsy, reducing the incidence of illness in poultry and livestock, and helping animal digest well. Feed accounts for 80% of daily feed. As animal … Read more

How to start goat farming for profit

Is goat farming profitable? It really depends on country and the business. A properly planned and established dairy goat farm will be profitable. Geography is the most critical point. Some countries prefer goat milk and other goat products, while others don’t. For example, in Turkey, past generation ago did not like goat’s milk and goat … Read more

How to get chickens to lay more eggs

Healthy and happy hens lay more eggs. Is there any scientific proof? I don’t know, but in my experience, a healthy hen produces more eggs than an unhealthy, painful chicken. Obviously, we can’t speed up the “egg clock”, but we can make sure that hens are in top condition and that they can produce high-quality … Read more

Start chicken farming for profit

Why are chicken farms profitable? When it comes to chickens, almost everything can be used. Meat and eggs can be eaten, and feathers can be given to other manufacturers to make pillows, decorations, and even clothing and accessories. Therefore, raising chickens is profitable because there is always an industry that needs what chickens can provide. … Read more